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At some time in the future your training, policies and procedures involving workplace threats, violence or acting out behavior will be tested. What grade will you and your facility receive?

People are not only the most important asset to protect but also an important cornerstone of effective security planning. Through a comprehensive approach that involves educating management, employees and security professionals, you can help prepare your organization's employees at all levels for today's threats.

EdSecure, LLC is a company that offers cost effective, specialized training and consulting services to help both large and small facilities prevent, prepare for, and respond to threats and acts of violence in the workplace. There is no panacea for security, no organization/institution is the same, so we offer customized solutions that will empower you to not only to protect people, but reputations as well.

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Mar 17 - Presentation at The Protection Bureau in Exton, PA on Verbal De-escalation Techniques

Mar 29 - Security Consortium in Leola, PA hosted by ESCO, Inc.

A Word from Founder and President, Wayne Silcox

The idea for designing my own workplace violence training came about several years ago while I was working as a police chief. In addition to my law enforcement duties I served as Emergency Management Coordinator and held a position on the Executive Committee of a Threat Assessment Team. more...